Viggo is now champion

Vigo, this little boy and extremely smart kitten. Only 35 days old, he is so playful and funny. If no one pays attention to him, he will definitely hook you. When there are no toys, he jumps and entertains himself or he will chase his tail or lurk (and he doesn’t know what) either he will climb on the pillows or make a ball. And when he gets sick, he goes to bed by himself…. He is so funny, he is so clever. I smile every time I see his smart little head and the playful eyes that think only whites.
Vigo has a bulldog muzzle, incredible ears and a flat jaw, and very wrinkled.

Black point boy
RW SGC BG*Joser Lord
Campion FiFE
QCC BG*Joser Daniela Rossi
Campion FIFE

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